Construction Chemicals

Laying of floor coating
Construction chemicals play a major role in construction structures because they inhibit corrosion, reduce water, prevent rusting and act as concrete wetters, without diminishing cement strength. Polyrheo brings its expertise to different construction chemicals ranging from water-proofing chemicals, grouts, plasticizers, tile adhesives and fixing solutions, concrete admixtures, super plasticizers and joint fillers, to name a few. We offer sustainable construction solutions. Chemicals are the foundation of the construction industry. Super plasticizers such as HPC, UHSC (RPC), modern construction RMC and foam concrete, known for its mouldability, facilitates faster construction and minimizes labour. They act as heavy reinforcement chemicals. They are also lightweight, making them useful in earthquake prone areas, since they mix easily, are good adhesives and sealants, and act as waterproof admixtures to seal cracks.
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