CASE - Coatings Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers

duct tape


Coating is the application of one coating material onto another, known as carrier substrate. The carrier substrate can be paper, film or aluminium foil that results in the enhancement of a material's properties, depending on application and end use. Typical applicants for coatings include: automotive refinishing, electroplating, and paint and powder coatings. The coating enhances aesthetic and physical properties, and safeguards substrate wear and tear.


Materials in which a coating of glue is applied to make a substrate adhesive. An adhesive material is any substance applied to the surface of another material that binds them together and resists separation. This process includes the ability of adhesives to bind different materials together, disperse stress more efficiently across joints, is more effective, improves the aesthetics of design, and enhances design flexibility. Disadvantages of using adhesives include: decreased stability at high temperatures, relative weakness in bonding large objects with small bonding surface areas, and greater difficulty in separating objects.


Sealants bind two materials. It is a type of mechanical element used to block the passage of liquids, gases, dust, and heat transmission through the surface/corners/openings of any material. Sealants may vary in size, strength or nature. They may be weak or strong, flexible or rigid, permanent or temporary. Sealants are not adhesives, but some have adhesive qualities and are called adhesive-sealants or structural sealants.


An elastomer is a polymer with viscoelasticity, (having both viscosity and elasticity), and has very weak inter-molecular forces. The most common form of elastomer is rubber. Elastomers are amorphous polymers existing above glass transition temperatures, resetting their considerable segmental motion into effect during operation. Rubber is relatively soft, with deformable elasticity, (E- -MPa), deformable and are flexible in nature.
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